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Table 1: Durabrand Can Opener Bill of Materials
Part # Part Name # Category Function Material Picture
1 Casing Structural component Holds, protects, and supports internal and external components ABS plastic Image
2 Guide bar Support element Guides lever arm and can Metal Image
3 Magnet Holds can lid Image
4 Geared wheel Output Rotates can Metal Image
5 Cutting blade Cut though can lid Metal Image
6 Lever arm Structural Component Holds blade and magnet; on/off switch Plastic Image
7 Motor Input Rotates the geared wheel Metal plate, coil Image
8 Medium gear Output Converts the electrical energy into the horizontal mechanical energy Metal, plastic, and ball bearings
Camera Spindle.JPG
9 Outer Motor Assembly Input Creates the electromagnetic field that provides the power for the tool Metal, wires and plastic
10 Transmission Casing Structural Components Attaches the transmission to the motor and allows the shaft and transmission to run smoothly Metal Composite with grease lubricant
11 Washer Support elements Attaches the motor to the gears. Metal
12 Hypoid Gear Motion Conversion Elements Transfers power from shaft to transmission. Metal
13 Drill handle and electrical circuits Input and support elements Provides the electrical power to the motor and turns the grinder on and off. Plastic and Electrical Circuits