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|align="center"|Guides lever arm and can  
|align="center"|Guides lever arm and can  
| align="center"|Metal  
| align="center"|Metal  
| align="center"|[[Image]]
| [[Image]]
! 3
! 3

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Table 1: Durabrand Can Opener Bill of Materials
Part # Part Name # Category Function Material Picture
1 Casing Structural component Holds, protects, and supports internal and external components ABS plastic Image
2 Guide bar Support element Guides lever arm and can Metal Image
3 Magnet Holds can lid Image
4 Geared wheel Output Rotates can Metal Image
5 Cutting blade Cut though can lid Metal Image
6 Lever arm Structural Component Holds blade and magnet; on/off switch Plastic Image
7 Motor Input Rotates the geared wheel Metal plate, coil Image
8 Medium gear Output Converts the electrical energy into the horizontal mechanical energy Metal, plastic, and ball bearings Image
9 Large gear Transmission Reduces speed of rotation and provides more torque; connects to geared wheel Inner gear - metal; outer gear - plastic Image
10 Switch Power supply Completes circuit; on/off switch Copper with plastic plate (nonconductor) Image
11 Power cord Power supply Supplies power to motor Wires and insulation with a metal connection [[Image]