Briggs Stratton Engine

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This is a Briggs and Stratton series 91200 engine.

-3.5 Horsepower horizontal engine.

-9.02 cubic inch displacement.

-2.56 inch bore.

-1.75 inch stroke.

Engine main.jpg


Engine assem.jpg

Click here to download the full CAD Assembly model of the engine (unzip the two files in the same folder):

Engine Assembly - Part 1

Engine Assembly - Part 2

Main Subassemblies

Drive train

The drive train takes power generated from combustion and turns it into rotary motion. For more details on the drive train, click here: Engine_Drive_Train

Engine Block

The engine block houses most of the drivetrain and inside the engine block is where combustion takes place. For more details on the drive train, click here: Engine_Engine_Block


The starter initiates the combustion process. For more details, click here: Engine_Starter


The internal combustion engine is an amazing machine that has evolved for more than 100 years. It continues to evolve as automakers manage to squeeze out a little more efficiency, or a little less pollution, with each passing year. For more details, click here: Engine_Ignition

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is a multipurpose device that stores fuel, allows it to vent, and supplies it to the engine. For more details on the drive train, click here: Engine_Fuel_Tank


A muffler is used in an engine to reduce sound leaving from the engines exhaust. Click here for more information: Engine_Muffler

Air cleaner

The air cleaner prevents dirt, dust, and and other contaminates from getting into the carburetor. For more details on the air cleaner, click here: Engine_Air_Cleaner


This adjusts the fuel-air mixture to allow for start-up or to increase or decrease the engine rpm. For more details on the choke/throttle, click here: Engine_Choke_Throttle


The purpose of the carburetor is to obtain the right mixture of gasoline and air so the engine runs properly . For more details on the carburetor, click here: Engine_Carbueretor