Briggs Stratton Engine

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This is a Briggs and Stratton Engine 91200.

Engine main.jpg


Main Subassemblies

Drive train

The drive train takes power generated from combustion and turns it into rotary motion. For more details on the drive train, click here: Engine_Drive_Train

Engine Block

The engine block houses most of the drivetrain and inside the engine block is where combustion takes place. For more details on the drive train, click here: Engine_Engine_Block


The starter initiates the combustion process. For more details, click here: Engine_Starter


The internal combustion engine is an amazing machine that has evolved for more than 100 years. It continues to evolve as automakers manage to squeeze out a little more efficiency, or a little less pollution, with each passing year. For more details, click here: Engine_Ignition

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is a multipurpose device that stores fuel, allows it to vent, and supplies it to the engine. For more details on the drive train, click here: Engine_Fuel_Tank


A muffler is used in an engine to reduce sound leaving from the engines exhaust. Click here for more information: Engine_Muffler

Air cleaner

The air cleaner prevents dirt, dust, and and other contaminates from getting into the carburetor. For more details on the air cleaner, click here: Engine_Air_Cleaner


This adjusts the fuel-air mixture to allow for start-up or to increase or decrease the engine rpm. For more details on the choke/throttle, click here: Engine_Choke_Throttle


The purpose of the carburetor is to obtain the right mixture of gasoline and air so the engine runs properly . For more details on the carburetor, click here: Engine_Carbueretor