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|+ '''Table 1: Black and Decker Dustbuster Bill of Materials'''
|+ '''Table 1: Black and Decker Dustbuster Bill of Materials'''
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! width="50"|Part # !! width="100"|Part Name !! width="50"| Category !! width="120"|Function!! width="145"| Material !! width="100"|Picture
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Listed below is the Bill of Materials for the Black and Decker Dustbuster:

Table 1: Black and Decker Dustbuster Bill of Materials
Part # Part Name Category Function Material Picture
1 Battery Pack Input Powers the vacuum. 8 Recyclable Rechargable Nickel Cadmium batteries with wire and metal connections.
2 Impeller Output Creates suction for the vacuum. Plastic
3 Motor with Fan Input Motor spins the impeller while the spinning fan pulls heat from the motor. Steel outer shell with a plastic fan and coils of copper wires
4 Speed controller Motion Conversion Element Allows for varying the speed of the motor and impeller. Plastic plates with copper connectors
5 Electric Circuitry Input (?) Supplies the appropriate current to the motor. Plastic base with brass connectors and one resistor
6 Outer Plastic Casing Structural Components Protects the inner working parts and provides safety for the user. Plastic
7 Motor Shaft Transmission Connects the motor to the impeller and causes the impeller to turn when the motor does. Steel
8 Charging station Input Charges the batteries inside of the dustbuster. Plastic with metal connections
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