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Robotic ants foraging for food


The goal of this assignment is to get our iRobot Creates to use teamwork to find and bring food back to our home colony. In this case, our robots will simulate ants in following a virtual pheromone trail set by ants that have already found food. The food in this instance would be the IR beam emitted from a Roomba virtual wall and detected by the IR sensor on top of the iRobot Create.


  • Each student is responsible for developing the specific simple behaviors which (we hope) will produce the desired emergent behavior.
  • We will provide Java skeleton code as a framework for build the specific behaviors.


The following behaviors are required:

  • "Find Food" - implement a basic behavior to find food and update it's position on the virtual map, and maintain its position and/or the path it is taking in memory (so it can find its way home).
  • "Return Home" - will set virtual "pheromones" on it's return to home base
  • avoid obstacles (the other robots)