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Title(s): ArtCAM model

Version ID: v9

Date released: July 07, 2008

Date: 1991

Creator(s): Delcam PLC

Contributor(s): Delcam PLC


  • Previous Version(s): none
  • Contains: N/A
  • Syntax Format(s): N/A
  • Family Format(s): N/A

Description: ArtCAM is really a family of software that offer a complete design and manufacturing solution for a wide range of industries. Designed primarily for artists over engineers, ArtCAM offers a wide variety of intuitive design tools that can be mastered easily. Furthermore, ArtCAM also contains all the tools you need to manufacture your designs in a variety of ways. The ArtCAM family of products are designed to grow with your business, offering you a fully supported route to commercial success.

History: In the late 1980’s Delcam identified a common requirement during product design for the quick and efficient creation of manufacturable 3D models from 2D images & artwork. Consequently, in 1991 the first version of ArtCAM was released allowing product logos and artistic flourishes to be added to precision engineering components. ArtCAM seamlessly spans the gap between artisans and engineers, carefully combining the strengths of both approaches to form a uniquely powerful 3D modeller, but with all the simplicity of a paint package. Drawing on the expertise and technology of Delcam’s world-leading manufacturing software, PowerMILL, ArtCAM also provides a fully-integrated CNC or Rapid Prototype manufacturing solution.

Example(s): ART Example


Documentation: N/A.

File Extensions: .art, .rfl

Applications: ArtCam Express, ArtCam Insignia, ArtCam Pro and ArtCam JewelSmith.

  • Native application(s): ArtCam
  • Interoperable applications: None.

Magic numbers: N/A

Format(s): N/A

Rights: Proprietary license

Sustainability Factors:

  • Standardization: None
  • Self-documentation: None
  • External dependencies: None
  • Technical protection considerations: N/A

Typical use: CAD/CAM

File classification:

  • Type {Binary, Text}: Binary
  • Raster data:
    • Raster data 2D:
    • Raster data 3D:
  • Geometric representation:
    • Implicit representation:
    • Mesh:
    • Parametric representation: - Section describes whether or not the engineering format supports parametric representations.
      • Parametric surfaces:
        • Is Supported: true
        • Description: None
      • Parametric curves:
        • Is Supported: true
        • Description: None
    • Contour sets:
    • NURBS:
  • Multi-resolution models:
  • Dynamics:
  • Boundary representation
    • Manifold surface boundary representations:
    • Manifold volume boundary representations:
    • Non-manifold boundary representations:
  • Material transparency: