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Title(s): Art of Illusion

Version ID: 2.7.2

Date released: 2009-04-19

Date: 1999-10-29 (Version 0.1)

Creator(s): Peter Eastman

Contributor(s): Peter Eastman

Relationships: N/A

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  • Syntax Format(s): N/A
  • Family Format(s): N/A

Description: Art of Illusion (AoI) is an open-source software package that can be used for 3D modeling and rendering written entirely in Java. The program combines a simple user interface with powerful features usually found in high-end graphics software.

The program includes a long list of features:

  • Modeling - AoI contains several modeling primitives including: cube, sphere, cone, tube, curve, triangle mesh, and spline mesh. The program allows the user to: use Boolean modeling operations; lathe, sweep, extrude along a curve; and use a complete mesh editor.
  • Animation - AoI lets the user create animations through poses and gestures, skeletal animation, distortion tracks for bending/twisting effects, linear and discontinuous tracks, and scripted objects.
  • Textures - Uniform or image-mapped texture editors allow for quick texture creation. 2D and 3D procedural textures can be based on many parameters, can be animated, can be mapped to objects in several ways (projection, spherical, etc.), and can be layered.
  • Materials - Procedural and uniform materials can be created with an adjustable index of refraction, scattering, eccentricity, along with other material traits. The materials also allow for single scattering and photon scattering during rendering.
  • Rendering - AoI include full global illumination, including caustics, for rendering. Various methods can be used, such as Monte Carlo and Photon Mapping. Features such as point lights, spotlights, directional lights, soft shadows, depth of field, and motion blur add to the realism of the rendering.
  • Post-processing - AoI allows the post processing of images to add a camera filter or for noise reduction for global illumination.
  • Scripting - AoI has a flexible scripting language built-in, allowing for user defined scripts and plug-ins

For a more complete list of AoI's features, see the complete list of features.

The below list of features of AoI is based off of the program without any plugins. Some features may have been realized through a user-created plugin or script, which can be found here.

History: Art of Illusion has been maintained by Peter Eastman since 1999 with contributions from users of Art of Illusion.

Example(s): AOI Example 1 - You must download Art of Illusion to be able open the file.

Identifier: N/A

Documentation: AOI Documentation - Information in general about the engineering format.

File Extensions: AOI


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Magic numbers: N/A

Format(s): Unknown

Rights: GPLv2

Sustainability Factors:

  • Standardization: None
    • Licensing and patent claims: None
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Typical use: Creating and rendering 3D scenes.

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