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.ad_prt: (Alibre Design part)


Alibre Design is a mechanical engineering and design CAD tool capable of creating complex 3D models, assemblies, and 2D drawings. Alibre Design is a parametric, feature-based modeler allowing users to create intelligent 3D design using parameters for dimensions that can be varied at any time, and common engineering features such as holes, chamfers and fillets. Features also incorporate parameters, such as the diameter or radius of a hole, in addition to other inherent attributes such as whether a hole is countersunk or counterbored. Another common property of a hole, or a "cut," which is a feature of arbitrary shape that removes material, is its depth. For instance, a hole or cut can be a "through all" causing it to always pass completely though a part no matter what its thickness.

[edit] Product Family

The Alibre Design product family consists of six products.

   * Alibre Design Xpress
   * Alibre Design Xpress Plus
   * Alibre Design Standard
   * Alibre Design Professional
   * Alibre Design Expert
   * Alibre Design Workshop

[edit] Online community

Several online groups exist for Alibre Design users that provide assistance with learning the software, along with advice and assistance from expert users. The most active is the main Alibre Design User Forum available at the link below.

[edit] External links

   * Alibre, Inc.'s Official Site
   * Alibre Design User Forums