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The actual disassembly of the engine will not take as long as similar car engine would. This is because the engine is already out of the bike, all of the components connecting to the engine are gone and the engine is relatively small in size. It should take approximately 3 hours to disassemble the entire engine, including the internal components. The basic steps to dissecting the engine will be first removing the cylinder head cover. From here, we will be able to view the camshaft holders, and under that the exhaust and the intake camshafts. We will then unscrew the bolts that are uncovered, leading to the crankcase, pistons, cylinders, rods, bearings, cam chain, crankshaft and many other parts that will be unknown until the engine is further dissected.


By initial observation, some of the tools that we would need to disassemble the engine are a drill (electric), a socket set, Torx bit, Phillips head bit and Allen wrenches. Due to further observation it appears that other tools that would most likely be necessary are a wrench, flathead screw driver and some needle nose pliers. These excess tools would be used to loosen other components of the engine including screws. Other than these tools, the use of hands will be most important. With he use of finesse and strength, hands will be used to remove small or hidden pieces that can raise the difficulty of disassembly.

Problem Analysis:

Some of the problems that the group might come across while taking apart our engine are rusted bolts/nuts, broken pieces of the assembly or deformed parts. All of these will make the disassembly more difficult. Broken or deformed parts may complicate disassembly by limiting the depth of our dissection. This may also cause further complications during the reassembly phase of the project.

Group Analysis:

Strengths of our group are that we are well balanced in our abilities. George has the most experience with engines and is competent in a lot of the assembly and disassembly. Because George is the only group member with significant experience, dissecting the engine will be a difficult task for the group as a whole. Raj has a great of experience in Auto CAD drawing, and so he will head our efforts to portray our engine in the solid modeling stage. However, his experience is strong in 2-D modeling, rather than 3-D solid modeling. He will still use his knowledge to get the task done. Shayne and Dave both have great abilities in putting together reports in organized ways and making everything coherent. However, none of our group members have any experience navigating the wiki page. Therefore, reporting the deliverables for the future gates may be difficult. However, the group will also face certain challenges such as proper time management, completion of work assigned to each member on time, and quality of work due to inexperience with engines.