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The products we are to reverse engineer are two electric powered RYOBI corner sanders (Model #’s P400 & CF1502). One of the sanders is powered by an electric cord and the other is battery powered. By initial inspection we see that the disassembly will be strait forward and common tools will be used. The only difficult part to disassemble is the motor from the spindle/counter-weight system. Disassembly will most likely not take more than three 2 hour meetings (taking in the fact that we will be recording results the whole time).

Tools For Disassembly

  • Screw driver – A #2 Phillips screwdriver will be needed to disassemble the outer housing of the corner sanders.This tool will most likely (inferred from our knowledge of taking similar things apart) be used in disassembling other components in the product such as motor mounts etc.
  • Precision Screw driver Set – Precision screw drivers may be needed to disassemble part(s) of the interior of the sander. An entire set may be needed since the actual make or type of screws within the product are unknown.
  • Heat gun - A heat gun will be needed to separate parts of the products that are glued together. We noticed that the Velcro pad is glued to the product so that will need to be separated.
  • Wrench – Some type of wrench will be needed to take apart the spindle,counter-weight, motor system.(we removed the sander pad to see this)
  • Pliers – Cutting pliers may be useful when removing wires. Needle nose pliers will help in holding small objects when disassembly.

Group Strengths

  • Michael Tasevski – Knowledge of Autodesk Inventor, Pro/E. Completed a similar project in high school.
  • Kyle Alono – Knowledge of AutoCAD, good writer, disassembled similar products.
  • Mahesh Nair – Knowledge of Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD
  • Matt Pawlik – Knowledge of AutoCAD, Electronics, JAVA
  • Tim Arnold – Knowledge of AutoCAD. Completed a similar project in high school, and has good organization skills.

Group Weaknesses

  • Wiki Skills – No one in our group has used this site.
  • Mechanical/Electrical Process Understanding – We will need to do a certain amount of research to understand how our products work.