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Lab Activity

Mechanical Dissection: Toy Car with Flywheel


Schylling Toys makes a small toy car for children that contains a metal flywheel, a two-axle gear train, and a simple cam and lever system to create movement of the headlights or some other attachment as the car moves across a surface.

Toy Car.jpg


-To explore how simple mechanics are used to store energy and alter direction of motion.

-Freshman or sophomore level students of all majors


Kate Disney


Mission College

Activity Classification

Activity Classification
Cross-Cutting Concepts Congnitive Dimension Tech Topic Area - Engineering
○ Systems ● Knowledge ○ Medical
○ Bio-based
● Design ○ Capabilities ● Energy & Power
○ Info Tech & Comm
○ Connections ○ Decision-making ○ Transportation
○ Manufacturing & Const

Lab Materials

Lab handout: Dissection of a Toy Car with Flywheel

Supporting Wiki Pages: | Schylling Web Site