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Check out the edit pages guys...the code isn't that bad to follow! just get the text and sections in....and i think ill be able to make it all look nice and pretty ~ casey

APA citation examples ~ Casey

Whenever you edit something, be sure to put your name in the summary part so it displays what/when you edited.

I know the stuff I added tonight messed up the page format a little (pictures pushing text around), I'll fix it up (and finish the info on routes)to look nice tomorrow night (sunday). - Sarah

I like what your doing for terminology. But any way you can do multiple rows instead of one long row? just a suggestion, it will look good either way. - Casey

When your done your part, write a conclusion and then let me know. once everyone is done i will delete the stupid code help at the bottom of the wiki and email Dr. Cheng telling him we are finishied. - Casey

I put the terms into two columns (it's a table with no lines - i don't know if there is actually a way to do it with code, but it works)the other terms in the glossary are common sense or self-descriptive so i left them out - if you want them added, just without links, shoot my an e-mail and i'll add them in real fast tomorrow it'll only take 5 minutes...and the conclusion is done. FIN! - Sarah

need sleep...going to die -klenk

for some reason the table i have in the tracks page is being stupid and smashing text over to the right side. i've formatted the overall user page...if you look there is a huge thing of blank space LEAVE IT! everytime i get it to display right somehow it gets altered...right now it is displaying everything without screwing up any of the text. - sarah

oooooo sarah sorry i just removed that blank space. I think that the problem was because i was formatting and moving my pictures around. i looked over that page and didnt see the problem. anyway im done now so my moving pictures and text around shouldnt create any more problems. im gonna double check the whole thing right now before i email casey. -klenk

everything looks fine now. idk how u wanted it but nothing is smashed and i removed the big blank space -klenk