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Assignment 3: File Formats

This assignment entails conducting research on the file formats below and adding what you've found to this wiki. This assignment is due on week 7 before the start of class. All wiki entries should follow the Engineering Format Template. Take a look at the list of examples to get an idea of how the template should be filled in.

We will be grading this assignment based upon the quality of the entry you create for each of your assigned file formats. Your research should consist of more than going to Wikipedia, copying and pasting. A quality submission should include detailed information about the format itself, examples of the format, and links to external sources of information. Ideally we want our information to be better than what is on Wikipedia.


After you have completed your entries, send an email to the TAs documenting your efforts. For example, where you could not find certain information, why you believe you could not find this information etc.

  • Please use the subject line "Robot Lab Homework 3"

Any questions or comments please email the class list.

Assigned File Formats

  • Bai, Linge
    • 3ds (3D Studio)
    • ART (ArtCAM model)
    • PRT (Unigraphics Part)
  • Cannon, Christopher T
  • Clement, Christopher P
    • SLDASM (SolidWorks assembly drawing)
    • SLDDRW (SolidWorks 2D drawing)
    • SLDPRT (SolidWorks 3D part model)
  • Conroy, Charles D
    • PRT (ProEngineer Part)
    • ASM (ProEngineer Assembly)
    • SFX (Solid File Exchange)
  • Cunningham, Kevin A
    • C4d (Cinema 4D)
    • TCT (TurboCAD drawing template)
    • TCW (TurboCAD for Windows drawing)
  • Hrybyk, Alex
    • cgr (Catia v5 representation file)
    • CATDrawing (CATIA v5 drawing document)
    • CATPart (CATIA v5 part document)
  • Hummel, Kenneth R
    • dae (Collada)
    • cob (Caligari Object)
    • psmodel (PowerSHAPE model)
  • Gore, Christopher J
    • LXO (Luxology Modo file)
    • 3DMF (QuickDraw 3D Metafile)
    • AC (AC3D Model)
  • Khlystova, Ellen
    • dts (Torque)
    • dotXSI (SoftImage)
    • DGK (Delcam Geometry)
  • Kreibe, Martin
    • egg (Panda3d)
    • AN8 (Anim8or)
    • B3D (Blitz3D Model)
  • Naegely, Donald P
    • fbx (Autodesk FBX)
    • DWG (Autodesk AutoCAD Drawing)
    • DXF (Autodesk Drawing Interchange Format)
  • Owens, Kenneth M
    • GLM (Ghoul Mesh)
    • FACT (Electric Image)
    • MA (Autodesk Maya ASCII)
  • Szeto, Andrew N
  • Williams, Andrew
    • POV (POV-Ray document)
    • VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language)
    • X3D (VRML's successor)
  • Johnson, Daniel
    • U3D (Universal 3D file format)
    • STL (3D systems)
    • IGES Format (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification)
  • Miller, Robert R
    • WINGS (Wings3D)
    • SMF (Simple Model Format)
    • MDB (Pro/Engineer Mechanica)
  • Nguyen, Minh H
    • X (Direct3D model)
    • PZ3 (Poser)
    • RDS (Ray Dream Studio)
  • Roberson, Benjamin C
    • Z3D (Zmodeler)
    • .m (MESH New York University)
    • AD_PRT (Alibre)
  • Smith, Patrick J
    • AOI (Art of Illusion)
    • SAT (ACIS/SAT Model Data)
    • MCA (I-DEAS Web Access)
  • Sullivan, Michael M
    • LWO (Lightwave object)
    • LWS (Lightwave Scene)
    • NIF (Gamebryo NetImmerse File)
  • Zenker, Joshua L
    • 3DMLW (3D Markup Language for Web)
    • RWX (RenderWare object)
    • DFS (SolidEdge Drawing Data)