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Adoption Never really adopted due to the lack of bandwidth and graphical capabilities in the 90's +
Contains Java, Javascript +
Contributor The VRML Consortium, Inc. +
Creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee +
Description Specifies the vertexes and edges in 3D polygons along with the texture and lighting of the 3D objects, also sets behavior of objects
Documentation Documentation Template +
Family Format None +
File Classification Assembly - Is Supported No +
File Classification Contour Sets - Is Supported No +
File Classification Force - Is Supported No +
File Classification Implicit Surfaces - Is Supported No +
File Classification Implict Curves - Is Supported No +
File Classification Kinematics - Is Supported false  +
File Classification Mainfold Surface Meshes - Is Supported No +
File Classification Manifold Surface Boundary Representation - Is Supported No +
File Classification Manifold Volume Meshes - Is Supported No +
File Classification Material Transparency - Is Supported Yes +
File Classification Multi-resolution Models - Is Supported No +
File Classification NURBS - Is Supported Yes +
File Classification Non-manifold Meshes - Is Supported false  +
File Classification Parametric Curves - Is Supported false  +
File Classification Parametric Surfaces - Is Supported false  +
File Classification Point Set - Description Through the PointSet node type +
File Classification Point Set - Is Supported true  +
File Classification Raster Data 2D - Is Supported No +
File Classification Raster Data 3D - Is Supported No +
Format Date 15 May 1994 +
Interoperable Application Engineering Format Application Template +
Native Application Engineering Format Application Template +
Previous Version First unofficial version: VRML94 first and only ISO version: VRML97 +
Standardization Standardized through ISO in 1997. +
Title Virtual Reality Modeling Language also known as Virtual Reality Markup Language
Version Date released 1997 +
Version ID 2.0 / VRML97 +
Has improper value forThis property is a special property in this wiki. Magic Numbers  +
Categories Engineering format  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 10 May 2009 20:09:29  +
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MESH Meshwork Model Format + Interoperable Application


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