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Adoption Mostly experimental game development with some commercial applications. +
Contributor Disney, Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center +
Creator Disney +
Description Egg files are used by Panda3D to describe many properties of a scene: simple geometry, including special effects and collision surfaces, characters including skeletons, morphs, and multiple-joint assignments, and character animation tables.
Documentation Http:// Page +
Example Example Template +
External dependencies Though no dependencies are needed outside the installed, various OS level graphics packages are either loaded during installation time or are natively part of the OS. Example: DirectX, OpenAL, ext. +
Family Format None +
File Classification Assembly - Description Models can have a FSM describing interactions. +
File Classification Assembly - Is Supported Yes +
File Classification Contour Sets - Description No documentation on contour sets +
File Classification Contour Sets - Is Supported Unknown +
File Classification Force - Description A full physics engine is available. +
File Classification Force - Is Supported Yes +
File Classification Implicit Curves - Description Various lines are curves are available. +
File Classification Implicit Surfaces - Description Various shapes are available. +
File Classification Implicit Surfaces - Is Supported Yes +
File Classification Implict Curves - Is Supported Yes +
File Classification Kinematics - Description Model fragments are fully manipulative.
File Classification Kinematics - Is Supported true  +
File Classification Mainfold Surface Meshes - Is Supported Unknown +
File Classification Manifold Surface Boundary Representation - Description Boundries are available through the collition detection feature. +
File Classification Manifold Surface Boundary Representation - Is Supported Yes +
File Classification Manifold Surface Meshes - Description Not specified in documentation. +
File Classification Manifold Volume Boundary Representation - Description Boundries are available through the collition detection feature. +
File Classification Manifold Volume Boundary Representation - Is Supported Yes +
File Classification Manifold Volume Meshes - Description Not specified in documentation. +
File Classification Manifold Volume Meshes - Is Supported Unknown +
File Classification Material Transparency - Description Not only can items be transparent, but transparent elements can be ordered. +
File Classification Material Transparency - Is Supported Yes +
File Classification Multi-resolution Models - Description It looks like there is only one model representation available. +
File Classification Multi-resolution Models - Is Supported Unknown +
File Classification NURBS - Description A complete infrastructure is available +
File Classification NURBS - Is Supported Yes +
File Classification Non-manifold Boundary Representation - Description Feature is not supported +
File Classification Non-manifold Boundary Representation - Is Supported No +
File Classification Non-manifold Meshes - Description Not specified in documentation. +
File Classification Parametric Curves - Description Many surface and texture features are available. +
File Classification Parametric Curves - Is Supported true  +
File Classification Parametric Surfaces - Description Many surface and texture features are available. +
File Classification Parametric Surfaces - Is Supported true  +
File Classification Point Set - Description Supported +
File Classification Point Set - Is Supported true  +
File Classification Raster Data 2D - Description The model may refer to an input file which has raster data, but that data is not supported directly. +
File Classification Raster Data 2D - Is Supported Not within the file +
File Classification Raster Data 3D - Description The model may refer to an input file which has raster data, but that data is not supported directly. +
File Classification Raster Data 3D - Is Supported Not within the file +
File Classification Type Text
File Extension egg
Format None
Format Date 2002 +
History Panda3D was developed by Disney for their massively multiplayer online game, Toontown +
Identifier  +
Interoperable Application 3D Studio Max + , Maya + , Blender + , SoftImage + , MilkShape + , GMax + , Various +
Licensing and patent claims Panda3D Licence +
Magic Numbers None +
Native Application Panda3D API +
References Http:// + , Http:// +
Rights Modified BSD License +
Standardization None +
Syntax Format None +
Technical protection considerations None +
Title Panda3D Egg
Typical use 3D rendering and Game Development +
Version Date released 2009-04-26 +
Version ID 1.6.1 +
Has improper value forThis property is a special property in this wiki. Self-documentation  + , File Classification Non-manifold Meshes - Is Supported  +
Categories Engineering format  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 13 May 2009 17:56:18  +
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