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Assembly video

The CAD package I choose to use is Professional Engineer (Pro/E) by PTC. I choose this CAD package because it has simple modeling features and available tutorials.


When redesigning components for the solid modeling portion of the project we decided to create a hybrid of both sanders. Both sanders had features that we wanted to have in variant design. We liked the simplicity of the inner components (motor/switch/leads) of the P400 sander because they we neatly put together and more user friendly. The P400 also had a nice battery operated power system that we wanted include in our design which allows the sander to be more portable. We also liked the vacuum system in the CFS1502 which gives our sander a dust management capability. The CFS1502 also has better ergonomics with its “mouse” type control. When we put all these functions into one design we may have came up with a totally new product but in reality we only change a couple components:

Components #1 & #2:

[2] [3]

The right and left outer casings were redesigned to allow the addition of features such as the vacuum system.

Component #3


While dissecting the sanders we noticed that the sand paper Velcro pad and housing were separate components. We decided to combine these components into one which eliminates extra fasteners, and one manufacturing process. This will lower the cost of manufacturing the sander and keep it competitive in the market.



Aside from those components the rest of the sander is basically borrowed parts from the other two sanders. The battery/motor/switch system is borrowed from the P400, and the vacuum/ bearing spindle assembly is borrowed from the CFS1502. Altogether the consumer is getting the best of both worlds with our variant design.