Quick-Reload Clip

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\'\'\'Component Summary\'\'\'

  • \'\'\'Component Name:\'\'\' Quick-Reload Clip
  • \'\'\'Quantity:\'\'\' 1
  • \'\'\'Material:\'\'\' Plastic
  • \'\'\'Manufacturing Process:\'\'\' Injection Molding
  • \'\'\'Part Number:\'\'\' n/a
  • \'\'\'Function:\'\'\' To provide storage for the Nerf darts and to allow darts to be inserted into the base when the cocking bolt is pulled back
  • \'\'\'Observations:\'\'\'
    • Aesthetic: Orange with black ink
    • Connection to Major Component: Quick-Reload Clip
    • Notes: The black ink are the directions to use the Quick-Reload Clip and the Quick-Reload Clip can hold up to six darts
  • \'\'\'Picture:\'\'\'


*Gate 3: Product Analysis