Planned Project Work Schedule Group 31

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Our dissection project is the Honda motor, and unfortunately it is too large to remove from the lab in 621 Furnas. So our group has to consider the schedule of the lab when making our work schedule. For the dissection during the Preliminary Project Review, the analysis during the Coordination Review, and the reassembly during the Critical Project Review, we will meet in 621 Furnas on thursdays between 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm, when our whole group can attend. We are assuming that we will require all the time we have available in the lab to complete our dissection and analysis, so currently we plan to meet every week. If the situation arises that this time becomes inconvenient or we require more lab time, we will consider meeting in the lab during additional hours, possibly when our whole group cannot attend.

For the report section of our project, our group will meet after classes on weekdays to discuss and prepare write-ups, photos, videos, models, and anything else we may need to best reflect the parts and operation of our engine. Individual or pairs of group members will also be given tasks to complete which they can work on outside of meetings, which will give us more flexibility in completing those requirements