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The Nikko RC Ferrari is primarily a child's toy. It looks and moves like an actual Ferrari but is much less expensive.


  • The RC car should look like the car it is modeled after (a Ferrari)
  • The chassis should be durable enough to withstand collisions with walls and other obstacles the car may drive into
  • The car should be able to move forward and backward and be able to turn left and right
  • The car should be radio controlled so that the car may move away from the user without the use of a long wire
  • Remote control must be small enough to fit comfortably in a small child's hands
  • Must be easy to operate


Interactions with Humans

  • On/off switch on bottom of car
  • Joysticks on remote

Interactions with Environment

  • Radio receiver in the car and the transmitter in the remote control


  • The wheels spin and the front wheels turn left and right

Power Supply and Actuation

  • 2 AA batteries in the car
  • 1 9V battery in the remote control
  • Electric motor in the car

Power Conversion

  • Gear reduction connecting the electric motor to the back wheels in the car



The remote control sends a signal to the car whenever one or both of the joysticks are moved. This signal is received by the car's antenna located inside the car.
The signal goes to the circuit board where it is sorted depending on whether it is from the up/down joystick or the left/right joystick. If the signal is from the up/down joystick a signal is sent to the electric motor to turn it on, allowing the car to move forwards and backwards.
Circuit board.jpg
If the signal is from the left/right joystick a signal is sent to the steering mechanism. The steering mechanism consists of an wire coil and a shaft with two magnets attached. When electric current runs through the coil the magnets move either left or right. This shaft is attached to the wheels and forces them to turn whenever it moves.
Steering assembly.jpg