Management Proposal for Group 26

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One of the most important ways in order to maintain order within a group is to first of all ensure that everyone understand what is expected of each person. In order that there is no confusion about jobs and tasks in the group we divided certain types of tasks amongst ourselves. Each on of the members has a different role with different tasks to perform. In case of any member needing help they can ask for it at the group meetings held every Wednesday evening at 5:00 P.M. in Bell Computer Lab. The meeting location will be discussed via email or text on that day. Nicholas Sinno, the project leader, will be in charge of contacting the teachers and teaching assistants.

Group Roles

Nicholas Sinno, "Project Lead"

  • Point of contact between group and the Teachers/Teaching Assistants
  • Keeping project timing on track
  • Final delegator of tasks

Matthew Pivarunas, "Administrative Assistant"

  • Writing important sections of the reports
  • Editing others’ work
  • Keeping logs of our progress

Justin Schiano, "Technical Expert"

  • Will help dissecting the motor
  • Help members understand how the motor works and functions
  • Putting the motor back together

Nicholas Sunderlin, "Dissection Lead"

  • In charge of the dissection of the motor
  • Will be responsible for knowing how the engine is put back together
  • In charge of putting the motor back together

Kevin Au, "Lead Wiki Developer"

  • Create and maintain a functional Wiki page
  • Edit articles together to create a sense of cohesion
  • Make sure that the Wiki is presentable and easy to navigate

Gantt Chart

Group 26 Gantt Chart Group26Gantt.jpg