Management Proposal Group 31

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Overview of Plan

George Alessi was given the task as project manager. This decision was made by the group due to George's previous experience with engines. By analyzing everyone's strengths and schedules, everyone received a project assignment that they were able to complete to meet requirements. The group set up weekly meetings that complemented everyone's schedule. With proper time management, the group should be able to complete each gate's deliverables on time and provide quality work.

Project Manager: George Alessi The Project Manager is responsible for contacting members of our group with reminders of meetings and deadlines. Most of our tasks will be voluntarily assigned, however the Project Manager is responsible for making sure all aspects of a project are being worked on and can give unassigned tasks to members.

Wiki Content Manager: David Chappell The Wiki Content Manager is responsible for the upkeep of the group’s Wiki page and compiling group work from all members. While every group member has access to the Wiki page, it is the Wiki Content Manager’s job to make sure that all required material is posted by the deadlines.

Dissection Manager: George Alessi The Dissection Manager’s job is to manage and record the actual work in dissecting our engine. This position is responsible for ensuring proper preparation along with coordinating efforts during dissection and reassembling of our engine. The Dissection Manager is also responsible for documentation of parts during dissection and making sure the process is properly documented (ie. photos) so that it can be later described in full detail.

Models & Design Manager: Rajdeep Roy The Models and Design Manager is responsible for preparing all the models that will be used on the Wiki site to better illustrate the efforts of our group to disassemble, understand, and report on our engine.

Models & Design Adjunct: Shayne Mckay The Models and Design Adjunct is charged with assisting the Models and Design Manager with creating designs for the Wiki site. This position is just as responsible for assigned models as the Model and Design Manager.

Conflict Reolution

The group found much unexpected difficulty in navigating the wiki page. Two of the group members had jobs with demanding weekly hours. During the initial meetings, these were not discussed therefore raised future problems. During the preparation of gate 1, group meetings were difficult to complete due to the jobs of two members. As a group, we discussed this issue and the effect it can have on the future gates. We then created a different group meeting schedule that worked around the group's class schedule and work schedule. In result, the only problem the group had to face was time management. However, as a group, we will complete our shares to the best of our abilities.