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Welcome to the Geometric & Intelligent Computing Laboratory

Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory

Drexel University's Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory (GICL) was established by Dr. Regli in 1997. GICL is supported by both direct external and internal research funding from a number of corporations and government agencies. The Lab's current projects involve collaboration with universities (Carnegie Mellon University, University of Southern California, The University of Maryland at College Park, Penn State, University of Wisconsin, University of North Carolina), corporations (SAIC, AT&T, SDRC, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin), and government labs (FAA William Hughes Technical Center, NIST, Los Alamos National Labs). We also have interactions with many local high technology and manufacturing industries in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Region through these research projects and the Drexel University Co-op program.

Since 1997, GICL has supported over 250 graduate and undergraduate students, producing 35 M.S. theses and M.S.S.E. projects. Several of GICL students are pursuing Ph.D. studies at GICL as well as at other universities.


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Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory
Department of Computer Science, Drexel University
Director: Dr. William C. Regli