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The decision to model the components of the piston was made because it plays a vital role in the functionality of the line trimmer, was the subject of our engineering analysis problem and was an approachable challenge for 3D modeling. Without the piston, the gasoline could never be converted to mechanical energy; hence its being regarded as paramount to the operation of the line trimmer. In addition, the decision to use the software package, Autodesk® Inventor™, was made because it had been used by some members of the group in the past. Therefore, the modeling assignment could be completed more efficiently due to the removal of the need to use a new program. Also, an educational version of the program could be obtained from Autodesk® at no cost to the group or any of its members.

The following links to views of all of the individual components.

The following links to views of the full Piston and an exploded view of the components constituting the Piston.

The following links to the exploded components of the Piston coming together to form the fully assembled Piston.

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