Grp27: Screws

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Material: Steel

Quantity: (From left to right) 8, 4, 6, 6

Manufacturing Process: Screw Machine threads the screw, tapers the end and punches the top.

Function: Hold the plates and engine to compressor channel together.

Helps hold together plastic pieces of the spray gun.


Steel was selected to make this component because it is very hard, and strong. It also is less likely to wear , and corrode.

Magnitude is estimated at .25 lbs.

There will be a thread force applied to the screws when they are screwed in as well as the force of gravity.

The material choice does not affect the manufacturing process because screws are commonly made out of steel.

The head of these screws is large which means it would require a different mold than the standard screw mold.

The cast steel manufacturing process was chosen for the screws because it is efficient and cheaper than the alternatives for a product that is strong and easily replaceable.

These screws have large heads to ensure the plates stay on.

This component is purely functional.

I believe the cast steel manufacturing process was chosen because it’s the cheapest and most efficient way to mass-produce these screws.

This component is not very complex although it requires a threaded mold.

Screws27.jpg Screw27.jpg