Grp27: Pneumatic System Shell

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Pneumatic System Shell

Material: Brass and Steel

Quantity: 1

Manufacturing Process: Is cast , and then run on a CNC milling center where it would be bolted down, and center would come in and boar, drill and thread the holes.

Function: The outer shell of the system that compresses the air and water to create the pressure fluid that is used. Houses the cylinders.

Part Number: 90219075


System is used to mix the detergent with the water and air to send through the hose. Attaches with the cast aluminum shell that houses the shaft and cylinders.

Brass was used because it is a soft metal and is easier to work with than a hard metal like steel.

Forces applied to component are compression forces, and forces due to extreme pressure.

The magnitude of forces due to pressure is estimates to be 1000 lbs.

The material choice does effect the process. Harder metals would take way too long and cost too much to make something of this stature, and more heavy duty type process might be needed to deal with the strength of a hard metal.

The shape does effect the manufacturing process. Since it is very obscurely shaped it needs to be processed in great detail.

Each manufacturing process was chosen for this component because it was the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to do it at high volumes of product.

The component is both functional, and cosmetic. It is made cause its easy to form the part, to do its job, and also looks appealing to the eye.

On a scale from 1-5, 1 being the simple like a ball, and 5 being complex like a engine, this component is a 3. This component is more complex than a wheel, but less complex than a watch. It has many spaces and channels that makes the component quite complex.