Grp27: Hydraulic Fluid Screw

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Hydraulic Fluid Screw

Material: Hard Plastic

Quantity: 1

Manufacturing Process: This part was done by injection molding. You can tell this by looking at the seam that runs down the middle of the part. Threads are in the injection as well.

Function: Closes, and protects the opening where more hydraulic fluid could be added if needed.


Screw is located at the top of the compressor. Length is 1.785 inches.

Hard Plastic was chosen because it was cheap, and only needed to cover the fluid intake opening.

The only force is by the threads as the screw is tightened in.

The magnitude of this force is estimated to be 2 lbs.

The material choice does effect the process. Plastic is cheap, and can be made very quickly. It doesn’t take much to process.

The shape does effect the process. If it was a different shape then it would need a different mold which would cost more money.

Each manufacturing process was chosen for this component because it was the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to produce high volumes of product.

The component is both. It is designed to do its job, but is processed in different colors (black and red) to look appealing as it is screwed into the aluminum shell.

This processes were chosen because they were the most cost effective way to make the part.

On a scale from 1-5, 1 being the simple like a ball, and 5 being complex like a engine, this component is a 1. It is very simple mechanism, with very simple duties.

Plasticscrew.jpg Plastscrew2.jpg