Grp27: Handle

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Material: Hard Plastic

Quantity: 1

Manufacturing Process: Injection Molding

Function: To allow the pressure washer user a comfortable and accurate way of aiming the pressurized water.


Plastic was chosen for the handle because it is even lighter then cast aluminum and the handle does not have to be quite as durable as the crankshaft and piston encasements. Plastic is also a relatively inexpensive production process compared to other alternatives or metals.

Gravity as well as the force of the hand squeezing the handle and the force of the finger pulling the trigger (not shown). There are also numerous screw forces pulling the two parts of the handle together.

The material choice does not affect the manufacturing process. Injection molding is a relatively simple process.

The shape does not affect the manufacturing process because injection molding always involves the creation of a mold.

Injection molding was chosen because it is a cheap and efficient way to produce pressure washer gun handles.

The pressure washer gun handle is the shape it is because it needs to be comfortable for hands to hold it and easy to aim as well as light so as not to be too tiring to hold for extended periods of time.

This component is both functional and cosmetic. Its functional in it allows the user to spray accurately with a light handle and a simple trigger system and it is cosmetic because it’s a familiar shape to most Americans in a suave black.

I think injection molding was chosen for the pressure washer gun handle because it allows for the cheap and efficient production of functional, light, and durable gun handles.

This component is not complex, it is two molds that fit together to form the gun with a slot for the trigger and the water system to run through and screw holes.