Grp27: End Rod

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Ending Rod

Material: End nozzle is bronze, and rod is steel.

Quantity: 1

Manufacturing Process: Tubing was threaded using a die. End piece is made using a lathe, drill, and milling. Bearings made by casting.

Function: Final rod portion that fluid travels through. Nozzle has different attachments that release the fluid at different angles( 0,90,180 degrees).


Nozzle is spring loaded, and includes steel balls inside that are part mechanism system that holds in the attachment.

Bronze and Steel were chosen because of their excellent strength.

Forces of the pressure and that cause the flow are only forces acting.

The magnitude is estimated at 5000 psi.

The material choice does effect the process. With other materials you could set up easier, and cheaper processes but the strength might not be there in the component.

The component is shaped as follows to create little resistance flow, and make it easy for the fluid to dispense.

The component is functional.

On a scale from 1-5, 1 being the simple like a ball, and 5 being complex like a engine, this component is a 2. This component is pretty simple with the steel tube, but get more complex with the spring loaded nozzle end.