Grp27: Compressor Screw

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Compressor Screw

Material: Hard Clear Plastic

Quantity: 1

Manufacturing Process: Injection Molding

Function: Screws into the front of the compressor and prevents the compressor fluid from escaping. Prevents any unwanted foreign objects from entering inside of the compressor.


Length of screw is .728 inches. Width of hexagon on top is .788 inches.

Clear Plastic was used because it was cheap.

Only force applied is force on the threads from the tightening of the screw.

The magnitude of this force is estimated at 1 lb.

The material choice does effect the process. Since its plastic it can only be processed certain ways. These ways though are most likely cheaper and are able to create plastic screws faster than metal ones.

The shape does not effect the manufacturing process. Either way it would be made by injection molding.

Each manufacturing process was chosen for this component because it was the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to do it at high volumes of product.

The component is both functional, and cosmetic. It does its job while looks flashy and appealing to customers as they look at the whole pressure washer.

On a scale from 1-5, 1 being the simple like a ball, and 5 being complex like a engine, this component is a 1. This component is very simple. Clear.jpg Clear2.jpg