Grp27: Brass Insert

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Brass Cylinder Insert

Material: Brass

Quantity: 3

Manufacturing Process: Machined on a lathe, and the little holes are drilled on a single spindle drill.

Function: Acts as an adapter to cylinder,compressor shell and piston hook up to help create a better tight fit and seal of the piston in the cylinder.


Outer Diameter is 1.81 inches, smaller diameter is .945 inches. Inner hole radius is .607 inches.

Brass was used because its relatively easy to work with and manufacture.

Compression force is applied on this component.

The magnitude of force is estimated at 35 lbs.

The material choice does effect the process. Different types of metals are easier to machine than others. In turn that means tools last longer cause they don’t need to worked so hard.

Each manufacturing processes was chosen for this component because it was the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to do it at high volumes of product.

The insert has a particular shape to fit snug with the cylinder bottom creating a good seal.

The component is functional.

On a scale from 1-5, 1 being the simple like a ball, and 5 being complex like a engine, this component is a 1. This component is very simple, with a very simple job of creating a tight seal for the cylinder.