Grp27: Appendix III

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Appendix III

Pneumatic System Dissection

1. Removal of Gaskets:

a. (Difficulty: 1)

2. Removal of Left Face Bolts:

a. (Difficulty: 6) -> The manufacturer put this sealant on the threads an for this brass system it takes forever, and so long to take all the bolts off

3. Removal of the Air Filter:

a. (Difficulty: 6) -> See Step 2: Removal of Left Face Bolts.

b. (Difficulty: 2) -> The screen comes off very easily and the rest slide apart.

Orientation of System:

Bottom Face: Face that was connected to compressor

Top Face: When looking at the bottom face, it is the face when rotated 180 degrees to the left or right.

Right Side Face: Face on the right, with respect to the bottom face.

Left Side Face: Face when you start at the Right Side and rotate left or right 180 degrees.