Grp27: Appendix II

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  Appendix II
       -Pressure Washer Gun and Hose Dissection-

Gun Dissection

1. Removal of the Gun Handle:

a. (Difficulty: 2) -> One has to really press down on the screws to not strip them when un tightening

b. (Difficulty: 1)

2. Removal of Barrel Nozzle:

a. (Difficulty:1)-> For us this was a 2 person step. One person had to really hold the one wrench down and the other turned their ratchet.

3. Removal of the first barrel Connector Piece:

a. (Difficulty:1)

4. Removal of the Middle Barrel:

a. (Difficulty:4) -> Make sure the vice grip is very much secure in order for this step to go smoothly.

5. Removal of the hose to Pneumatic Trigger Water Barrel:

a. (Difficulty:4) -> This was done using two people cause one person didn’t work. It is very difficult to turn the one wrench while holding the second one stationary.

Hose Dissection

1. End of Hose:

a. (Difficulty:3)-> The end was very tightly on.

b. (Difficulty:1)