Group Member Roles

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Wiki Developer: Jared Bosinski

This role’s responsibilities are to update the Wiki page with all text and technical writing as it is completed. This role is also in charge of formatting the Wiki to make it look professional, including the embedding of pictures and/or videos, and must be done in a timely manner.

Project Manager: Katherine Kremer

This role’s responsibilities include making sure that the time spent during meetings is used effectively. Also must double check that each group member is aware of his or her tasks to be completed for the next meeting. In addition, the Project Manager will act as the main communicator for the group, and can be reached at

Head Solid Modeler: Alan Smith

This role’s responsibilities include learning the necessary skills to complete all of the solid modeling for the project, and then using those learned skills to solid model the product in a timely fashion.

Dissection Leader: Mitchell Wheeler

This role’s responsibilities include overseeing and leading the main disassembly and reassembly of the product. This leader is also in charge of managing a large amount of the technical writing, at least in a first draft form.

Technical Writing Editor: Kevin Garvin

This role’s responsibilities are to proofread and edit the majority of the writing done for the project, as well as compile it together when appropriate. This is to be done at least several days before the project is due so the rest of the group can approve the quality of the work.