Group 3 - Skil Circular Saw/Management Proposal

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Group meetings will take place immediately following class on Mondays. The group will commence in the lecture hall and move to an appropriate area depending on the task at hand. Group meetings will focus on completing portions of tasks, and adjusting the completion timeline accordingly. All group members will put forth equal contributions to any/all reports necessary for the duration of the project.

The following is an estimation of when tasks/sub-tasks will begin, and the amount of time each task will take. This allows the group to meet project deadlines, while providing a sensible duration. The dates projected allow for reasonable adjustments when applicable.

Table 3.2.1: Gantt Chart Table 3.2.1 - Gantt Chart

Tasks Sub-Tasks Start Date Duration (Days)
Request for Proposal Initial Product Assessment 10/5/09 3
Work Proposal 10/5/09 2
Management Proposal 10/5/09 4
Preliminary Project Review Product Dissection Plan 10/9/09 4
Product Dissection 10/13/09 3
Causes for Corrective Action 10/16/09 11
Coordination Review Component Summary 10/29/09 8
Design Revisions 11/4/09 5
Solid Modeled Assembly 11/8/09 10
Engineering Analysis 11/12/09 9
Critical Project Review Product Re-assembly Plan 11/21/09 8
Product Re-assembly 11/30/09 5
Delivery Complete Revisions 12/4/09 7
Submit Final Report 12/11/09 N/A

Table 3.2.2 - Timeline Estimates