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RC Car

Car with the top on Car with the top off Car with the top off

Main Function/ Product Description

The main function of this product is to allow the user to control a model car using a remote controller. The user specifies turns, speed, and direction and the car needs to respond to these commands


The car is expected to function with almost immediate response to the commands supplied by the remote control. The car is not supposed to follow commands that are not from the specific remote. Once the car no longer receives the signal from the remote it should stop functioning for safety and convenience purposes. The car is also supposed to traverse over fairly rugged terrain without losing traction.

Components and their Functions

Human-Machine Interface

  • Remote Control
    • Trigger
      • Allows the user to control the forward and reverse motion of the car.
    • Wheel
      • Allows the user to control the left and right motion of the front wheels.

Interactions with the World

  • Wheels and Shocks
    • Allows the car to move along and maintain contact with the ground


  • Motor
    • Powers all four weels to allow the car to move
  • Servo
    • Turns the front wheels left and right

  • Wheels and Shocks
    • (previously shown)
  • Remote Controller
    • Allows the user to specify turning and vehicle direction through use of a trigger and wheel (previously shown)

Power Supply

  • Battery Pack
    • Supplies power to the motor and servo

  • 8 AA Batterys
    • Power remote controller

Power Conversion

  • Gears
    • The motor's rpms are decreased to increase torque

Motion Conversion

  • Drive Shaft
    • Transmits motion from the motor to the front and rear differentials
  • Front and rear differentials
    • Change direction of shaft motion to the wheels and allows the wheels to move up and down while still recieving power.