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Electric Scooter
Electric Scooter

Executive Summary

Our product is a dual-wheeled electric scooter that has an electric motor. Our scooter was created with the intent of serving as a recreational vehicle The product is primary for home use by teenagers and young adults. It is possible that some people will use the scooter in a professional manner to travel to their place of work. For the most part, the product will be used by children and adolescents for fun, or in place of other similar transportation, such as a bicycle. The most basic function of the electric scooter is transportation. People who own the scooter will most likely use it as an object for entertainment rather than a reliable source of transportation. In most cases, it will be utilized for short neighborhood travel, and other leisure activities that involve travel over relatively short distances.


  • Lead Wiki Developer – Christoff "The Smooth Criminal" Forth
    • Format Wiki page
    • Review input data and update as necessary
    • Add flash, pictures, animations, videos, and other complicated wiki features
  • Communication Liaison – Benjamin "The Poison Dart" Rinauto
    • Point of contact between group and instructors
    • Point of contact between group members
    • Keeps track of and notifies group members of upcoming due dates
    • Keeps group on a timely track for success
  • Technical Expert – Eugene "Soviet Sensation" Grigoriev
    • Advises members on disassembly and assembly procedures
    • Identifies points of product that members are not familiar with
  • Project Manager – Josh "The Danish Delight" Weisberger
    • Oversees project development
    • Ensures group stays on task
    • Photography of parts
    • Advises 3D Solid Modeling
  • Safety Advisor – Dan "The Crouching Tiger" McArdle
    • Ensures safe use of tools for disassembly and assembly

Gate One: Request for Proposal

Gate Two: Preliminary project review

Gate Three: Coordination review

Gate Four: Critical project review

Gate Five: Delivery