Group 30 - Clocky and Imitator Model

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Clocky is an alarm clock that aims at getting the user out of bed in the morning much more effectively than your traditional alarm clock. Using an internal motor and wheels mounted on either side of the clock, Clocky is designed to roll off the users nightstand when its alarm goes off in the morning. This forces the users to get out of bed and retrieve Clocky in order to shut off its alarm. This effectively makes the user not only wake but also gets them completely out of bed, something that cannot always be accomplished by the traditional alarm clock.

Project Gates

Project Gate 1


The purpose of project gate 1 is to familiarize the group with the product as well as the project. It also gives the group a chance to get to know each other better, and discussions about how the project is going to be accomplish help for more effectively planning and execution further on in the overall project.

1.Product Management

2.Product Archaeology