Group 27 - Black & Decker 12 V Lithium-Ion Drill

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Group 27, MAE 277, 2012


The product that we will be dissecting is the Black & Decker 12V Lithium-Ion Drill. It is a smaller drill, designed for personal use around the home. We will be dissecting the project through four gates. With these different phases, we will take apart and analyze each component, and through reverse engineering, will learn what thought process went into the design and manufacturing of the drill. In Gate One, we will research the background of the drill and assess it before dissecting it. We will also design a plan to work on the project over the semester. In Gate two, we will dissect the product and analyze the components to see how they were manufactured and how the subsystems interact. In Gate 3, we will take the information from Gate two, and use it to expand detail on the components and subsystems. In Gate four, we will review the information collected and draw conclusions about the overall design process.
Drill Left Side View


James Favale
Chadwick Sargent
William Dahn
Pradeep Raghupathy
Gerard Casimyr


Gate One
Gate Two
Gate Three
Gate Four