Group 21 2012 Gate 5

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In this stage we were to finalize our entire project. The technical report is a compilation of all gates. The oral presentation for our group\'s design revision was given on December 5th by Garret.


Project Management: Delivery

\'\'Finalization of Deliveries\'\'

Our finalized Project Timeline and Meeting Minutes can be found in our Project Management page. From here one can see how our group organized ourselves and stayed on track. One can see the dynamic of our group just from reading these.

\'\'Final Assessment\'\'

Each group member is to fill out a group evaluation sent to them by email December 14th. Each group member will honestly evaulate the work and effort put forth to this semester long project.

Project Archaeology:Documentation

\'\'Technical Report\'\'

The report has been compiled by the entire group. On our front page there is an executive summary that describes all out important findings of the semester.

\'\'Oral Presentation\'\'

The presentation was given by Garret on December 5th on our important design revision. It focused on our analysis and insight of the product. He also spoke of the GSEE factors and their importance on the design.