Group 1 Honda Generator-Management Proposal

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Management Proposal

Time Management

Our plan is to use the full extent of UBmail calendar including calendar sharing SMS reminders, and meeting scheduling. By giving the project manager access to all accounts he can create and keep track of class deadline, group deadline and sub group deadlines in order to keep the teams on track and focused on the goal. at the moment no deadlines are set save those predefined by professor Cormier, but once we get into the dissection and fully understand the extent of the work to be done we will be able to define said deadlines.

Meeting schedule

We plan to meet as a full group every Friday for half an hour right after class in the Knox lounge to keep each other updated on progress and update the deadlines according to sub group needs. Our sub groups (Generator and Motor teams) will meet twice a week either in the lab or the place of their choice at a time most convenient for sub group members.

Plan to Meet Project Requirements

In order to meet project requirements everything will be recorded and tracked by the project manager and the head wiki designer. Therefore, having 2 different people working together and reducing the error that any requirement will be left out. Also after every Friday meeting the Communication Liaison will send out an email detailing necessary progress for that week as well as mistakes that need to be resolved from the previous week.