Group 1 Honda Generator-Coordination Review

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Coordination Review

The plan to complete gate 3 was to divide up the work equally among all group members, with the exception of Nathan. Since Nathan was not present for any of the dissection of the generator he will be given a few additional components. For the component summary every group would be assigned a few components, if a group member was unable to complete the write up of his component they could contact Andrew or Jimmy due to there advanced understanding of the generator, and Andrew or Jimmy would assist them. We decided that there were twenty significant components within the generator system.

We divided up the components among the group members so every group member had to complete a few components. Jordan B. was responsible for writing up the gas tank, frame, battery, and generator core. Jordan J was responsible for writing up the pull starter, muffler, control panel, and kill switch. Jimmy was responsible for writing up the carburetor, spark cap, governor linkage and choke linkage. Andrew was responsible for writing up the flywheel, air filter, fan shroud, and cooling fan. Nathan was responsible for writing up the riders and tappets, oil sensor, crankshaft, and piston.

Andrew, Jimmy, Jordan B, and Jordan J wrote about the function, aesthetics, manufacturing, and complexity of there components in great detail. Nathan on the other hand, wrote barely anything on his components. When Nathan was confronted regarding the poor quality of his work, he said he was to busy with other classes and was not going to do any further on the gate. Jimmy, and Andrew completed the components which were assigned to Nathan.