Group 1 Honda Generator-Cause for Corrective Action

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Cause for Corrective Action

Our Original Plan

Management Proposal

Assessment of Original Plan

Our plan worked unpredictably well. Our full group met after class when necessary and the generator and engine teams were able to complete their dissection thoroughly and without incident. Though we had issues with group members being unable to attend meetings, other members were eager and willing to fill in for missing members and our dissection proceeded smoothly. I believe this is because of the strict and detailed deadlines we set in our meetings, as well as each subgroups eagerness to meet and work on the dissection. Since one of our group members did not contribute at all to this gate, he will be given additional assignments for gate 3, at his own request. Our only issue was that we did not use the UBmail calendar as much as we planned. Rather than that, we relied on each group to work independently and complete the necessary work by scheduled deadline on their own. In this gate the project manager was much more hands off than described in the above plan.

Revised Plan

Being that this was the more interesting hands on part of the reverse engineering of our project, we will need to set some strict deadlines in order to ensure that each group does what is required of them in a timely manner. The project manager will also be more hands on and work with group members to keep track of meetings and oversee group work as well as keep tabs on each groups individual progress.