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Executive Summary

The purpose of this project was to reinforce key skills that we have learned throughout our engineering careers here at the University at Buffalo. The project helped us showcase our technical writing skills, improve group work skills and help us make decisions engineers make every day. We were part of a project design team and our objective was to take a product, disassemble it, and investigate various aspects of its design and manufacturing techniques used to engineer the product. A Request for Proposal, Preliminary Project Review, Coordination Review, Critical Project Review and Delivery were the five deliverables for the project. We had to prepare a work and management proposal which outlined our plan for the project. Next, we had to dissect our product and submit a Causes for Corrective Action plan which highlighted any difficulties we encountered during the dissection. Next, we were asked to submit a Component Summary and construct solid models of our product. We conducted a Critical Project Review consisting of a Product Reassembly Plan and reassembled our product. The final step of the project was the Deliver where we completed minor revisions on all of our technical documents and submitted a final version of our report.


Group Members

  • Salman Iqbal – Project Manager
  • Jonathan Burkhart – Technical Expert
  • Andrew Carroll – Wiki Manager
  • David Holewka – Communication Liaison
  • Rusty Donlon – Technical and Communication Support


  • 599 CC Honda Engine.
  • The engine was not functional when we received it, therefore, we could not test it.
  • We focused on analyzing the transmission instead of the entire engine.
  • The transmission functioned very well and we were able to observe and understand gear-shifting after dissecting our product.

Group 19: Gate 1 This page shows Group 19's Work Proposal, Management Proposal, and Initial Product Assessment

Group 19: Gate 2 This shows our Product Dissection Plan and our Causes For Corrective Action

Group 19: Gate 3 This shows our Product Documentation, Component Summary, Design Revisions, Solid Modeling, and Engineering Analysis

Group 19: Gate 4 This is our Product Reassembly and Recommendations


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