Group 19 - Ford F-150 Power Wheels: Gate 5

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As the project comes to a close, Group 19 has worked together to finalize all deliverables dealing with the Ford F-150 Power Wheels. This includes finalizing the technical report and preparing an oral presentation on design recommendations. The final technical report is published on this wiki and the oral presentation will be given at the scheduled time. With the completion of Gate 5, is the completion of the project as a whole.

Technical Report

Group 19 has gone back to each of the previous 4 gates and performed several revisions. The revisions on each published gate is done according to the grading sheet given by the instructor for each individual gate. The group has done its best to have the final technical report seamlessly document both the process used to analyze the product and the information gained. An executive summary has been published on the main page for Group 19.

Oral Presentation

A presentation focusing on design recommendations for the Ford F-150 Power Wheels product will be given at the scheduled time as designated by the instructor. Several design recommendations were discussed and reviewed by Group 19 but the most significant ones were chosen for the actual presentation. The discussion of these revisions primarily focuses on the group\'s insights and analysis. Global, societal, economic, and environmental factors were also also taken into account when considering design recommendations.