Group 19 - Ford F-150 Power Wheels: Gate 3 Project Management

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Cause for Corrective Action


Through the project timeline, several challenges have been resolved by Group 19 in an effective manner. As old problems are solved, new problems arise. This is an assessment of the additional unresolved challenges that Group 19 now faces during Gate 3. The unresolved issues from Gate 2 will also be discussed along with how Group 19 dealt to resolve these challenges. Group 19's new plans stated in Gate 2 are working well for the most part with minor challenges presenting themselves.

Unresolved Challenges

  • Crammed workload from other classes
  • Shorter time frame to complete Gate 3
  • Contact and communication issues

Our first unresolved challenge deals with the work given to individual group members from their other classes. During the week before the Gate 3 due date, several members have exams in 3 other classes. This proves to be an issue since more focus will be emphasized on studying for these exams instead of working on Gate 3. To deal with this challenge Group 19 proposes the split up the work between group members to work outside of class.

The shorter time frame to complete Gate 3 is also an issue since so much other work needs to be done. To deal with this issue, Group 19 will establish mini gates within Gate 3 which all group members must comply with in order to finish Gate 3 effectively in a timely manner. If certain members to not comply with the mini gates, they will be at risk of the group leader getting the class instructor involved.

The last unresolved challenge of contact and communication issues was also an unresolved challenge in Gate 2. Group 19 has still not resolved this challenge yet, since it is still difficult to assemble all the group members together at meetings and communicate through emails. To deal with this challenge, the group leader has to decided for everyone to communicate through cell phones instead of e-mail since that shortens the communication time span.

Resolved Challenges

  • Uneven workload

An uneven workload between group members was an unresolved challenge stated in Gate 2. How Group 19 dealt with this issue is the way the Group described how to resolve it in Gate 2. Multiples meetings are now held in one week in order to evenly distribute the work between group members. Also the group leader has accurately assessed on how to divide the work so that it is mostly equal among everyone in Group 19.