Group 18 Supplemental Proposal 2013

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Instead of simply dissecting and analyzing a spinning fishing reel, another option is to examine two different reels to see how they differ. Ideally, both reels will be comparable in function but will differ mechanically to some degree. Also, for ease of comparison, both reels should be of similar styles. An added bonus would be for both reels to be sourced from the same place and/or manufactured by the same company. After a brief search through’s reel section, I found two models that I believe would be appropriate for this project.

Reel 1: Daiwa Sweepfire

The first model is the Daiwa Sweepfire RA. Listed on at $13, this is certainly intended to be an entry level reel. Daiwa’s website lists these as product features:

  • Smooth, ball-bearing drive
  • ABS Aluminum spool
  • Gyro Spin® balanced
  • Convenient rear drag

Reel 2: Daiwa Laguna

The second, more expensive model, is the Daiwa Laguna 5Bi. Listed for $32 dollars, this reel would present a nice upgrade from the Sweepfire while keeping the total cost to the group manageable. As you can see from the following product description, there are a multitude of additional features that could be explored.

  • New body design
  • Five ball bearings and one roller bearing
  • Infinite Anti Reverse
  • Micro-click front drag adjustment
  • One Touch Folding Handle 2000-4000 size
  • Standard folding handle on 500-1000
  • Digigear™ Digital Gear Design for Speed, Power and Durability
  • Twist Buster
  • Advanced Locomotive Levelwind for even line winding
  • ABS Aluminum spool


If these two models are too similar in price range, also lists the Daiwa Legalis ($44), Daiwa Exceler ($60), and the Daiwa Lexa ($100). Each upgrade in price presents an upgrade in product features, quality, and complexity. I think that choosing two models from the same manufacturer would be very beneficial to our project, as it will be easy to see what has changed from model to model. Conversely, it may also make the comparison too mechanically simple due to similarities in project. However, it is my belief that the different models will present plenty of mechanical differences. If you do not share this belief, one of the two models can be switched with one from a different manufacturer at a similar price range.