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Meeting Plan

As a group we agreed upon a regular, daily meeting for at least one hour to discuss any work that has yet to be completed. Our meeting place will vary depending on the work that is needed to be done, generally we will either be in Capen Library, Lockwood Library or in the Dissection Lab available to us in Furnas Hall. In addition to these meetings, we have also agreed as a group to spend a set amount of time working on the project through google drive. This makes it easy for our Wiki Specialist to gather our work, edit and upload it to our page. Listed below is a chart of the times during which at least four of our group members are free to meet and work together or discuss anything that needs to be touched up.

Available Meeting Times
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday & Sunday
5-6 PM 4-6 PM 5-6 PM 5-6 PM Not Available 12-4 PM
9-10 PM 9-10 PM 7-10 PM 9-10 PM


Each group member has the phone numbers of all the group members for easy communication. With technology like Smart-Phones it is easy to send group messages, also e-mail will play a major role in our communication since not everyone has their phone on them at all times. To ease planning and communication between group members our e-mails and job titles are available on our Group Page.
Please send queries appropriately to either the Head of Communications ( , or the Project Leader (

Management Plan

As shown in the Gantt chart below, our group has a set schedule of when we expect to start and finish all of the different aspects of each gate. We believe that to achieve our ideal outcome from this class project we need to have our priorities organized and easily obtainable for all group members; a Gantt chart seemed like our best option. It also allows the reader to follow our work as our page is updated. We understand that our ideal and actual deadlines may vary depending on factors that are to be encountered later, however we feel we have allotted enough time for each task that is more than enough to complete this project.

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Job Descriptions/Member Responsibility

Group Leader: Nurul Ali Yusup has chosen to take the lead position of the group as the project progresses. Her responsibility is to be the overseer of the entire project. She will help ensure that the group manages time well and meets deadlines. She will also set expectations for group and individual performance. Her participation in this project will extend to all parts.

Head of Communications: Brian Danson is the head of communications for the group. He will work closely with the team leader to ensure that every member in the group understands each part of the project. Additionally, he will be in charge of communicating for the group and between members (e.g. Writing emails, and setting meeting dates and times, etc). As portions of the project come together through individual members' work, Brian will make sure the combined information is presentable and technically sound.

Technician: Ethan Gundlach will be the lead technician when the group has to work physically with the drill. He will be developing the dissection process and researching the internal mechanisms of the product. Lead technician also carries the task of assembling the dissected drill back into proper working condition. Due to the expected difficulty of these tasks we have assigned an assistant technician position, whose responsibilities include assisting with the dissection and reassembly process.

Assistant Technician: - Muhammad Chaudhry will assist the Technician in implementing the dissection plan and assembly plan. The assistant technician will keep thorough documentation of the dissection process. These documentation requirements will include organizing parts, taking pictures during dissection, and writing stepwise directions to aid with assembly.

Wiki Specialist: Timothy Wilko is the lead programmer of our group's wiki page. He will design the layout of each page. In addition, the wiki specialist will need to know how to display a page effectively through implementation of images, graphs, tables etc. He will integrate the team leader's requirements with the Head of Comms. edited information to produce a professional and well articulated Wikipedia submission.

Conflict Resolution

This being a group project and the group being composed of people who had not met until this semester, we are aware of the possibility of conflicts among group members. These conflicts will be resolved with group discussions and Leader mediations, we will constantly be making sure that everyone agrees and is up to date. If there ever comes a time that the group can not resolve the conflict amongst ourselves, we will take our problem to one of our professors if absolutely necessary. However, we do not plan on having any unresolvable issues, we are all reasonable people who enjoy working in groups on projects and have a unanimous goal to not only succeed, but excel.

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