Gate 5 - Delivery (Group 18)

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\'\'\'Gate 5 - Delivery (Group 18)\'\'\'


Gate 5 if the final stage of the project where we finalize and revise all the information we provided in the previous Gates so that it can be used as a technical report. During this Gate, we also provide an oral presentation which highlights a change we would want to make to our RC helicopter and this presentation will be done during class.

This gate shall contain:

  • \'\'Project Management: Delivery\'\'
  • \'\'Product Archaeology: Documentation\'\'
  • \'\'Oral Presentation\'\'

\'\'\'Project Management Delivary\'\'\'

Finalization of Deliverables

This part of the gate involves fixing errors in the previous gate, such as grammatical error, mis-information, and reformatting. Some of the changes are:

  • Formatting the page layout of the main Group 18 page as well as the Gates
  • Adding more pictures in the gates
  • Reformatting titles
  • Reformatting pictures
  • Making several changes on the content of the gates

\'\'\'Final Assessment\'\'\'

Each group member will fill out a group assessment form which will evaluate the contributions of each group member so that points can be awarded accordingly. This form will be sent out to all group member on the last day of class.

\'\'\'Product Archaeology: Documentation\'\'\'

\'\'\'Technical Report\'\'\'

The final technical report is presented as the combination of Gate 1 to Gate 4. Revisions in each gate has been made as according to the recommendations of the professors. We also provided an executive summary on the main Group 18 page which summarizes out project, from information about our product to the information we gathered form conducting the gates.

\'\'\'Oral Presentation\'\'\'

Our group also prepared a 3 minute presentation that introduces our product to the rest of the class and details a design revision that we think should be made to the Syma S033G RC Helicopter, taking into account the GSEE factors.

The group communication liaison Yu Jin Goh, presented the powerpoint presentation to the class.

Presentation Slide 1 Presentation Slide 2 Presentation Slide 3 Presentation Slide 4 Presentation Slide 5