Gate 5: Delivery

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Project Management: Delivery

Finalization of Deliveralbes

As part of the final gate of the project, we went back over the first four gates and made changes in order to improve the quality and clarity of the overall project. The revisions that we made to each gate are as follows:

Gate 1:

-Edited the design revisions section.

Gate 2:

-Reformatted images into thumbnails and added captions.

-Adjusted difficulty scale to be more specific about each level.

Gate 3:

-Captions were added to all the thumbnails.

-Added an abbreviated component summary.

-Posted improved 3D models as images and in a zip file.

-Explained use of Google Sketchup as solid modeling program and the choice of parts to model.

-Reformatted and added more details to the design revisions section.

-Pictures were added to the design revision section to help explain concepts better as well.

Gate 4:

-Edited the management summary to better explain our issues and solutions.

-Explained how the original factory assembly process related to our own

-Better explained changes associated with the extra valve design revision.

-Corrected mistakes and miscommunications in the design revisions section as well as improving the flow of the delivery.

-Added multiple images to the design revision section to better explain the concepts.